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Really Raw® Honey

Really Raw® Honey promotes the use of nature’s sweetest medicine and advocates environmentally sound beekeeping. Really Raw® Honey supports family beekeeping operations. Their honey is packed on-site at the beekeepers homes and farms, straight from the hive. Their low-tech hand packing techniques use no heavy equipment and are suitable for all members of the family to participate in.

Many of our customers tell us that Really Raw® Honey is the BEST honey they have ever tasted!


What is Really Raw® Honey?

Really Raw® Honey is totally unprocessed honey. It still  contains pollen, propolis, honeycomb and live enzymes -- all the  goodness the bees put in! That's why Really Raw® Honey is  creamy, smooth and spreadable with sweet and crunchy cappings.  Really Raw® Honey is gathered from fields of wildflowers  planted by nature, without pesticides or fertilizers.

No other honey tastes as good!

One whiff of this honey, with its distinctive aroma of wildflowers,  tells you this is something special. With your first taste, you'll know  you are eating something utterly extraordinary. The flavor is unlike any honey on the market. The bees choose the color, flavor, and texture of  our honey by the varieties of wildflowers and herbs they forage. We  retain these qualities and all the nutrients the bees put in by making  sure that our honey is never strained, never filtered, and never heated.

Really Raw Honey Testimonials & Awards

Really Raw® Honey

Really Organic Raw® Honey.  Pure and Unfiltered

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