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7 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Omega3 and Weight Loss

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Antioxidants - Superfoods

Vitamin D Deficiency and Heart Disease

Eat Fat, Lose Weight?  Coconut Oil & Weight Loss





Autism is on the Rise in the USA - Why?

According to the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control), 1 in every 88* children is now diagnosed with autism.  This is almost a doubling of the rate just 5 years ago!  (up 78%!)  Amongst boys it is even higher.  This high rate of increase should be a great cause for alarm, but it doesn’t actually seem to be getting the attention it deserves.

*Note:  These numbers are probably much higher, as the data used to report them in 2012 were from data collected way back in 2008.

The state with the highest autism rates is Utah, (where it is 1 in 47!) which comes as no surprise to this writer, who lives in Utah!  That’s because many researchers have discovered that environmental factors / toxic overload seems to be at the root of the autism problem.  And Utah has high rates of toxins, especially heavy metals, according to data from the Toxin Release Inventory (TRI) of the EPA.  Much of this comes from the copper mining and smelting and gets in our air.  Also, the Great Salt Lake, just outside Salt Lake City, UT, is known to be one of the most mercury-polluted bodies of water in the world!  Ever expanding shoreline can expose Utah residents to dust that contains some of that mercury.  Back to autism, there is probably no one cause, it starts with a body that is for some reason more susceptible to toxins, which can be from a combination of genes as well as poor nutritional and gut status, and then when exposed to toxins, autism can result.  Some of the toxins that have been implicated include:

  • mercury and other heavy metals
  • toxins in vaccinations
  • household chemicals like phthalates

Some people today are still trying to focus very narrowly on a cause for autism, like there are some researchers who think just vaccinations are to blame.  But there seems to be more evidence for the Toxic Overload / Nutritional Deficiency / Genetic Predisposition theory, which would of course include vaccinations, which contain numerous toxins.

In fact, here at EcoViva, we believe that many diseases are the result of the above combination:  Genes that predispose one to have a weakness in a certain body system or area, then a lack of important nutrients along with being exposed to too many toxins can push the body over its limit.  Disease then exhibits itself, which is often just blamed on the genes!

But the great increase in a disease like autism simply cannot be blamed on genes - we know that genes simply do not change that fast.  An interesting study from 2011 at Stanford looked at twins, where one was autistic, but the other not.  They determined that 62 percent of the risk of autism could be attributed to environmental factors, with only 38 percent due to genes.  This is important, as it means there is much you can do to lower the risk of autism for your child.

Glutathione, which you can read about on our sister website, Healthy Whey Protein Rx, is very important in helping the body remove heavy metals, like mercury.  But some people have a genetic predisposition to produce less glutathione.  The result of this is that their bodies have a harder time getting rid of heavy metals like mercury, and we also know that having high levels of heavy metals in the body is highly correlated with having more severe autism.  Also, we know that compared to 50 years ago, we are all exposed to 100 times or more the amount of chemicals!   This can be a problem for many individuals.

Electromagnetic Fields and Autism

Some interesting research published in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine showed that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (which can come from cell phones and towers as well as other wireless devices) can interfere with cell membrane function.  This in turn can cause an accumulation of heavy metals, like mercury, which seem to be associated with autism.

Gut Health, Vaccinations and Autism

Dr. Campbell-McBride talks about how children with poor gut microflora seem to be damaged more easily by the toxins in vaccinations.  She recommends that all babies be tested for the state of gut flora BEFORE parents even consider vaccinated their child.  You can find out much more in her book:  “Gut and Psychology Syndrome.”

Mercury Toxicity and Autism

We already know that mercury toxicity can cause problems with the immune and neurological systems, as well as cause behavior problems.  Many of the problems seen are similar to problems in autism, so avoiding dental amalgams, both in the mother and child, as well as avoiding thimerisol-containing vaccinations may be useful.  Other heavy metals can act in similar ways, and may also be implicated.

Vitamin D and Autism

Research by Dr. John Cannell has shown a link between a deficiency in vitamin D while pregnant, and a jump in autism in their children, so testing your vitamin D levels and optimizing them before getting pregnant may help as well. 

Phthalates and Autism

Another chemical that has been shown to be correlated with higher autism rates is phthalates.  This toxin can be found in vinyl flooring, as well as in fragrance, shower curtains and children’s toys.  Phthalates seems to be in the category of chemicals that are known as hormone disrupters, which may be connected to many problems in addition to increasing autism rates.  We highly recommend reducing exposure to phthalates where you can.  This means buying products that are fragrance-free and avoiding or replacing vinyl flooring and shower curtains.


Natural Skin Care - Organic Skin Care

Do you use conventional skincare products?  Do you know that they are largely unregulated by the FDA, and often contain questionable ingredients?  Did you know that the body absorbs many things that we put on our skin, and that women, especially add a lot of toxic chemicals to their body by their skincare products? 

Did you know that most liquid soap today that is found in public restrooms contains germicides that are bad for your health?  They also tend to contain many more chemicals than bar soap does, especially a natural bar soap.  They use synthetic chemicals to keep it from clogging the soap dispenser, and also to make sure you get enough lather.  Do you really want to be putting these chemicals onto your body where they can get absorbed day after day??

If you search out naturally grown and organic foods to nourish your body, you should also be searching out and using natural and organic skincare products!

More on Natural Skincare

How To Lose Weight Fast

We have so many people interested, we have written an article on how to lose weight fast, but of course the healthy way - you’re on the EcoViva website, after all!  How To Lose Weight Fast

 7 Natural Weight Loss Tips

  1. Eat smaller meals with at least 2 small snacks inbetween.
  2. Exercise at least 45 minutes on most days, even walking works great!
  3. Cut back on carbohydrates, including sweets as well as breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, etc, especially if you have one of the major signs of insulin resistance:  putting fat on around the belly.
  4. Add a potent Omega3 fatty acid supplement to your diet, like green-lip mussel oil or fish oil.
  5. Make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet, or supplement with whey protein.
  6. Add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your diet, especially if you suspect your metabolism has slowed down.
  7. Add a food-based multi-vitamin / mineral product to your diet, like a Green Superfood.  Or add a multi-vitamin plus a natural mineral like one with seaweed.  Seaweed has lots of iodine which can boost the thyroid which controls metabolism.


Omega3 Fatty Acids, Insulin Resistance
and Weight Loss


Research in the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology found improvements in insulin resistance markers in those who increased their omega3 fatty acid intake.  With insulin resistance, cells become less reactive, or ‘resistant’ to insulin, which is used by the body to get glucose into your cells.   Insulin resistance often leads to type II diabetes if not fixed, and also has a connection with heart disease and obesity.

Many different theories abound as to what causes insulin resistance, including trans-fatty acid consumption as well as eating too much fructose or too many carbohydrates in general.  In all likelihood, these all may be factors in insulin resistance, and so changing your diet to cut back on carbohydrates including fructose, as well as eliminating the trans-fatty acids found so often in packaged foods may help reduce or prevent insulin resistance.  But something else may be useful. 

This study showed that the group that took an omega3 fatty acid supplement (like fish oil, which is very high in omega3s) showed improved HDL cholesterol levels and also lowered their triglyceride levels.

Omega3 fats are missing in many of our diets today.  They are found in nut and seed oils, such as walnut and flax seed, but this form needs to be converted in your body, which does not always happen efficiently.  The most direct form is found in cold water fish, but many of these are contaminated with mercury today.  This is why many natural health care practitioners recommend supplementation, with a pure source of fish oil, cod liver oil, krill oil or greenlip mussel oil.

Cod liver oil also contains Vitamins A and D, but krill oil and green lip mussel oil seem to be very well absorbed and utilized in the body.   In addition, greenlip mussel oil has very strong anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation seems to play a major role in insulin resistance, perhaps with the trans fatty acids and/or excess carbs causing that inflammation.  So once again cutting out the trans fatty acids from your diet and lowering your carbohydrate intake, along with choosing an omega3 source with strong anti-inflammatory properties may be helpful.  If you are concerned about getting too much Vitamin A or Vitamin D, take fish oil instead of cod liver oil.

More on GreenLip Mussel Oil.

Note:  We are not doctors and none of our advice should be construed as medical advice.  If you have any type of medical condition, please consult with a licensed medial practitioner before implementing any changes in your diet or supplement regime.


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Antioxidants are extremely important in today’s world, as they help to quench free radicals that can lead to disease.  We are exposed to many more free radicals today because of all the chemicals and toxins that exist in the modern world.

Superfoods or Synthetic Supplements?
Studies show most supplements are synthetic
 and either toxic or ineffective.
What about your vitamins?

Read  The Article


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MOXXOR: The most powerful concentrate of all-natural omega-3s and antioxidants  on the planet!  Exclusively from the pure pristine enviromoxxor smallnment of New  Zealand

More on MOXXOR

Vitamin D Deficiency Almost Doubles
Your Risk of Heart Disease!

If you are diabetic, it is more important than ever the make sure that you are are getting enough Vitamin D - either from the sun, from your diet, or from a supplement.  Researchers have found that when you are diabetic and your vitamin D levels are low, your body can’t process cholesterol normally.  This makes it more likely to build up in your arteries, causing a greater risk of both heart attacks and of strokes.

Even if you are not diabetic, getting enough vitamin D still lowers your risk of heart disease.  In fact, vitamin D levels are also closely linked to our body’s ability to fight off cancer and illnesses like the common cold and the flu.  Some health care practitioners including Dr. Mercola think that getting your vitamin D levels up to the 50-65 level is better protection than a flu shot, without the side effects that the flu shots have!  Dr. Mercola also recommends taking 35-40 IU of Vitamin D per pound of body weight, per day, when you are not exposed to the sun.  That’s around 5000 IUs for a lot of us adults.

When is the last time your doctor checked your vitamin D levels?


Eat Fat, Lose Weight?
Coconut Oil & Weight Loss

Many Say When They Added Coconut Oil To Their Diet, Their Energy Went Up and Their Weight Down!

coconutSproutCoconut oil is high in lauric acid, which is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA).  These MCFAs have been shown in studies to increase metabolism.  That's good news if you are one of the 2 out of 3 Americans who are overweight.  As you may already know, when your metabolism goes up, you burn more calories, even if you don't exercise.

Plus, coconut oil appears to raise your body temperature (it has a thermogenic effect).  This seems to help boost energy as well as metabolism, which may be why  coconut oil seems to be so helpful if you have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroid).



Studies  show most supplements are synthetic  and either toxic or ineffective.
What about your vitamins?

Read  The Article

  A powerful concentrate of all-natural omega3 and antioxidants exclusively from the pure pristine environment of New Zealand.   MOXXOR takes  the exceptionally potent Sauvignon Blanc grapeseed husk and refines it  to capture the world’s preeminent antioxidant along with the  immune-supporting properties of the New Zealand Kiwifruit seed that  is teeming with all 8 members of the vitamin E family.   Researchers have  shown that antioxidants effectively combat free-radicals. 


Antioxidants are substances that can neutralize  harmful molecules in our bodies known as free radicals. Free radicals  are produced during normal metabolism and cell function, as well as  pollutants in our air, water and food, and have the ability to oxidize  and damage our body's cells. It is for this reason that scientists  believe that 5 to 8 servings per day of antioxidant rich fruits and  vegetables can benefit your health, but consuming this much on a daily  basis can be a challenge at our modern pace of life.

One of the antioxidants found in MOXXOR come from New  Zealand's award winning Sauvignon blanc grape seed husk. The  grapes are grown in the South Island of New Zealand where the unique  atmospheric conditions cause the seed to have greater levels of super  antioxidant OPC (oligomeric procyanidin compounds) than any known fruit  or berry, and are free from genetically modified material, heavy metals, arsenic, toxins, and pesticides. 

A standard known as ORAC  (oxygen radical absorption capacity) is often used to compare the  relative strength of antioxidants, and the Moxxor grape seed husk rates very high, higher than the Acai or Goji berry!


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